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Computer Circuit Board

We Want To Pay For Your Old Computers

Is your company upgrading computer technology? Most "recyclers" will charge you to remove your old computers but we typically can buy them from your company, increasing your ROI. You may be wondering, why can we pay you money when a recycler charges you money? Recyclers typically tear each computer apart down to bare raw materials, those materials are often melted down to be reused into new equipment. Here's a good test to know if your computers are worth money to us - do your computers have an Intel i3, i5, or i7 CPU inside? If so, we will likely buy them from you, even if the cosmetic condition is poor.

Server Installation

Your Data Is Our #1 Priority

Work With Experts

Computer Headquarters, Inc understands that the biggest concern to you is the data on your storage drives, and we offer a variety of destruction and wiping options so that your data never falls into the wrong hands.
Data options we offer include:
-Complete Data Destruction
-DOD Wiping through 3rd party NAID approved and insured data descrution specialists
-Basic wiping for less confidential situations
-You remove your hard drives, we pick the computers up with no hard drives.
-We remove your hard drives and ship them back to you.

Business Growth

Think Green

Grow Your Business

Still considering if you want to keep using your trusted recycler? As mentioned above, recyclers typically charge you because they go through all the work to tear each computer apart down to the raw materials. Many of those raw materials then end up getting melted down so they can be used again. Unfortunately these melting processes often give off greenhouse gasses, which most scientists say is bad for the environment. The most environmentally friendly way to recycle a computer is to reuse it. We sell used computers that are still in good working condition. These older computers often end up getting used in classrooms where 3-5 year old technology is adequate for basic tasks like web research, writing papers, creating spreadsheets, and slideshow presentations. All computers that are not in good working condition have the main parts stripped out, those parts are then tested, and the good parts are sold for reuse. All bad/scrap parts are disposed of by Computer Headquarters with E-Recycling of California, an E-Steward certified California recycler.